Survival Tips: How I Managed To Survive in the Wilderness

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Hello Guys, Today I am gonna tell you my amazing journey i had in the Wild and How I Managed my suvival skills while I was there. Firstly lemme make it clear that I was in very safe place and neither was I lost, I just wished to take on some challenges and try to Manage myself in the wild. 

one day we were sitting on the terrace of our house under the moon light,suddenly one of us gave an idea of spending one night in forest,

So we planned a trip to the forest,as we were in madhya pradesh,as you all know MP is located in a very beautiful location covered with forest and water so we decided to go in one of the forest,we started our a journey by car we were 5 people,we wanted to sleep in tents,make food on chulahs,as it was a winter night,we wanted bornfire.

How I Managed 5 Days in the Wild

So we picked all of our needed things,we went ahead as we were travelling it was getting darker,we reached our destination soon till dawn,we picked a very beautiful place near water,so we setup our camp side near water,infront of our tent there waas a dense forest and at the back of it there was water flowing silently and it was beautiful moon light night.

No matter what your experience level in the outdoors, odds are you understand the need for shelter. And in this particular instance, the need for a tent. But not just any tent. Because in this world, you truly get what you pay for. Now, that budget tent might have felt like a great purchase while it sat cozily on the store shelf or stored away in the garage, but what happens when the weather turns, poles start bending, and the zipper to your mosquito net starts to snag?

How to start a fire effortlessly

  • Cotton balls with a smear of petroleum jelly make great fire starters.  Store them in a plastic resealable bag for easy access and to minimize the mess.
  • Fill cardboard toilet paper rolls with dryer lint for a fire made easy
  • Place small balls of dryer lint in the spots of an old egg carton and cover each with wax to make 12 individual fire starters.
  • Fire starter sticks can also be purchased in the section of the grocery store where you find charcoal
  • Establish piles of wood when you set up camp in graduated sizes.  Having a tinder pile to get things started and a pile of thin slat wood can make the process much easier especially in breezy conditions,

Plan a killer camping menu

  • Utilize shelf stable options when you can to save on valuable cooler space.  You can use canned items and still win top chef at the campground.
  • Modify recipes, when possible, to allow for one pot preparation.  No one likes clean up duty.
  • Be mindful of prep times for each meal.  It’s wise to have meals that have a few quick steps for nights where fun trumped cooking and you find yourself back at camp later than expected.
  • Look for recipes that have actually been made in a camp setting.  Campfire recipes have already been adapted to the rustic conditions that camp chefs have to work with.

Camping tips for elevating your camp cuisine:

  1. Create a storage plan.  Use storage containers that hold all of your camping gear.  Putting specific pieces of gear in the same container each time makes it easy to break down camp and even easier to find what you need while you are there.  Label the containers or use various colors to differentiate them.
  2. Consider meals that use common ingredients so that you can minimize the number of ingredients that you have to bring.  For example, last night’s left over baked potatoes make killer home fries today.
  3. Organize your camp kitchen before you begin cooking.  Professional chefs refer to this as “mise en place” which simply means putting in place.  Your camp meals will come together more smoothly if you stage the utensils, cookware, and ingredients before you begin cooking.

We started in search of wood Sticks,Since we had to make our food and the area around was dark we picked up our fashlights and sticks in hands so we could move forward without any harm,we collected many woods, 2 of us decided to lit the bornfire as we already had cotton balls and some paper which made starting the fire a easy task. While we lit the fire, others were busy in making the food and that too some chicken and other stuff. We sat down to have our food under the perfect location lit with the Lantern. After finishng our food, we extinguished the Fire we had for Food as its quite risky in forest and may lead to Forest Fire.

Camp storage for Water

  • Gallon jugs.  It’s simple and easy for campers that grab water on the way out.
  • 2 gallon container with spout.  More volume and a useful spout make these store bought containers useful in camp for filling cups, bottles, and hydration bladders.
  • Collapsible water carriers.  There are a variety of options here ranging from a 2 gallon container to a 20 liter water bucket.
  • Igloo style water cooler.  These 5 gallon coolers are a fixture at nearly every Little League baseball park and very useful for camping.

We choose our camp site near a water body so we can manage our things well. The Water was Fresh as it was from a river, but we decided not take any risks whatsoever and we had already carried a hand help water purifier with us, Which really came very handy. We purified some of the water for our needs. You Guys can use the Fire to Boil Some water to drink as it can help you remove some of the germs that may be infectious.

Camping tips for managing water and hydration:

  1. Create several watering stations.  It’s good practice to have tap water in a central location for washing up and it should be close to the cooking station.  Another station for refilling drinking water is good idea.
  2. A stream or river next to your campsite is a luxury.  Use a mesh laundry bag with a drawstring to hold drinks in the water by staking it to the bank and letting the bag drift as it will.  The drinks will match the temperature of the running water.
  3. Chip away at the block ice in your cooler as your trip winds down.  It can be used to cool drinks in bottles or your hydration bladder.
  4. Always pack water enhancers.  These electrolyte heavy tablets and powders can help to rehydrate you and also add flavor to your water.

How I Managed 5 Days in the Wild

After having Food , we decided to start our night trekking,with the help of our flashlights and headlamps we moved forward, Did mountain climbing as also covered alot of the forest area. We were quite excited for the Night trekking as it is the perfect time to get to See Wild animals like Deers, Elephants, Cheetah and others. We also made our camps on water Side Due to this reason too. Some people told us we could Spot Some tigers or beers during trekking ,so our hearts were just pumping due to adrenaline rush. We also had fear in our eyes something might happen, but by gods grace we were just fine but were unable to spot any of these beautiful creatures.

It took us nearly 1 full day to complete the trekking and we would suggest people to keep some eatables handy during such visits. Protien Bars, chocolates, Dry Fruits and other items can help you During the Hunger time. These are a must for every trekker who doesn’t want to leave his trekking experience incomplete.

How I Managed 5 Days in the Wild

Reached our camps late at night,as it was a winter night we were freking cold and hungry as well since we had not eaten anything Good and healthy for 24 hours and more. So we again Lit Up the fire and warmed ourselves up and also made food so we could get rid of the hunger. As it Was quite dark, We took out our Lantern and it really helped us to keep the area lit. We never Expected that this small Lantern we bought online could help us spend the night so easily. I think it was the best Investment we made.

Then after food we just laid around for some time, listening to the sounds of some birds and some wild animals who might have come across for some water. The Sounds seemed to headed our way so we decided to go to our Tents and keep calm and sleep. We were very frightened but nothing happend and we had a really nice time in the forest. The Next Day we headed back to our Town with the memories of our first ever trip and also for plans to take these amazing trips more often.

For Those we wish to go for a camping here is my check list that you must follow so as to have an amazing trips. If someone would ask me what are the things We need to survive in the wild , Heres the things that tops the List.

  • A Tent Can be easily bought from Amazon

You can buy the items if you wish to go for a camping and treking trips. I feel these are a must have for any trip.

  1. Water Purifier Click Here
  2. HeadLamp 
  3. Tactical Flash Light
  4. A Electronic Lantern
  5. A Camping Tent
  6. A Camping Lighter
  7. May Be a power Bank as we are tech savy to charge phones and cameras.
  8. A compass If you Get lost.

These things really make your life easier and can help you survive in any harsh condition whatsoever. Sorry if i Bored you as this was my first ever experience and i would try to improve as the time passes. thanks alot for visiting and i wish you a safe and amazing camping.

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