Best Tactical Flashlight Review 2018 The Only Flashlight you will Need


The Tactical Flashlight Review 2018

A tactical flashlight is a very important and a must have tool in your daily transport toolbox, but doing a quick Google search for the best tactical flashlights won’t do you much good if you’re not sure what you Look in the first place.
Depending on what you do in life or what you need with your equipment, too small flashlights may not be bright enough if you are working in security, law enforcement or in constantly dark environments. Self-Defense. On the other hand, tactical flashlights on the big side will not be as easy to EDC as their smaller counterparts and will be much harder to carry in your pocket.
best tactical flashlight review
The best tactical flashlight not only gives a lot of light on a dark situation, but it also provides a lot of features, is built as a reservoir, and can provide a valuable means of self-defense in a Situation that surely requires. Whatever your candle requirements and whatever your budget, I’m sure you’ll find a tactical flashlight that responds not only to your SEE needs, but also to your tactical goals.

The Best Tactical Flashlight 2018

The best tactical flashlight must be the one that suits you best during your hour of need and always after. What can be the best tactical flashlight for me is not necessarily the best tactical flashlight for you. For example, someone looking for an EDC flashlight may prefer a more compact and more practical model, while a police officer or firefighter may need a much larger and often re-loadable tactical flashlight capable of producing more Power. Like different brightness settings and a strobe mode. People need different things from the tools they carry. Keep that in mind when you read my list below of the best tactical flashlights currently available.

TAC-1200 – Tactical Flashlight

The 1TAC TC1200 tactical flashlight is brand new and is attempting to make its presence felt by telling you to illuminate your world as taclights continue to grow in popularity and practicality in 2016. Our goal is simple and straightforward – to review this company and product and tell you if they are a trustworthy taclight brand or bust.

best tactical flashlights

Having just launched earlier this year, the TC1200 from 1Tac information is very limited at this point in time but we will do our best to showcase the specifications and qualifications of this highly-perceived military-grade LED flashlight technology that has just now been made available to the public. The digital LED emitter is said to generate extremely bright concentrations and beams of light that should not be used as a toy or taking lightly

It Boast of the light weight and compact military aircraft-grade aluminum encasing for maximum strength and durability; as well as the 5 modes of high/medium/low/SOS/strobe settings that can last up to 100,000 lamp hours. But the remarkable comparison does not stop there, as both contain the ability to focus at 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and 2000x LED emitter light ranges and concentrations.

The 1 Tac TC 1200 does claim to be waterproof IP65 and be 20% brighter than all other tactical flashlights. It is said to be 5 to 6 inches and the lens is also a convex lens with a lotus attaching head which seems to be the standard protocol for most $50-$60 and up handheld tactical LED flashlights.

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The TC1200 flashlight comes with a tactical kit of:

1 AAA Battery Holder
1 TC1200 Holster (secure and stable storage on your belt loop)
1 Rechargeable Battery
1 Wall Charger
1 Car Charger
1 Tactical Storage Case
The product is rumored not to be sold anywhere or by any other retailer other than online.

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x700 Flashlight

The AlumiTact X700 LED flashlight is a recently-released flashlight that offers up to 2000x zooming capabilities and claims to be made from aircraft aluminum. Here’s our detailed X700 review. The flashlight is made by a Minneapolis-based company and promises to be equally as effective as a self-defense tool or as a flashlight for when you need to find your dog at night.

Amazingly, the flashlight also claims to have 700 lumens of light, which is surprisingly powerful for a $50 flashlight.

X700 Tactical Flashlight Features

-Runs on 3 x AAA batteries

-Features 700 lumens of brightness

-Zoom feature that lets you zoom up to 2000x

-5 modes, including high, mid, low, SOS, and strobe

Aside from these features, there’s very little information about the X700 available online. It is also important not to mix it up with the G700 LumiTact flashlight as they boast different specifications and manufacturers (although very similar in nature).

Certain advertisements for the X700 talk about how it’s made from aircraft aluminum or used by real soldiers and police officers around the world – while this might be hard to prove on the surface level, there are many pushers and promoters of these tactical flashlights who go on to say this is not widely shared or known knowledge up until very recently.

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XT808 Tactical Flashlight

The XT808 LED Flashlight is several tactical flashlights that have to enter the market in recent weeks. The torch, like many of its competition, makes bold claims about it’s benefits. It claims to be smart enough to blind a tolerate (indicating its effectiveness for practical self-defense inside your case), for example, and claims to be actively made use of by official military and police personnel world wide. While this might be luxuriant marketing tactics, what seems to be the result is they do possess these specific properties and functions but will contain a pretty penny price tag.

The XT808 LED Flashlight says it’s the “the only flashlight used inside field”. It also claims to help output a strategically-blinding 800 lumens with light, which is the industry standard established by the Shadowhawk Tactical X800. People are some bold and smart claims, so let’s take a closer evaluate the military grade technology used inside designing and making of that XT808 LED Flashlight.

The Primitive Survivors’ XT808 LED Flashlight comes equipped with the following features:

  • 1 inches width long (extends to 6. eighteen inches)
  • Adjustable focusing beam with as much 2000x focus
  • High, Medium, Small, SOS, and Strobe light ways
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum blend
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant contact
  • Cree XM-L LED emitter
  • 100, 000 lamp life which includes a few rechargeable batteries
  • That “Cree XM-L LED emitter” part is extremely important: it’s the same LED emitter we’ve seen on a wide selection of other flashlights that recently to enter the market.

In fact, every single such types of flashlights seems to carry equivalent design to the XT808 DIRECTED Flashlight. They have the same beveled edge along with the same aircraft-grade aluminum frame. For any intents and purposes, these flashlights all are generally the same device.

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